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25% Less Oxygen to Breathe…

Is Your Body Ready?

Altitude Sickness Can Ruin Your Next Trip to the Mountains… Even Put You in the Emergency Room. Take Oxygen-Boosting and Energy-Maximizing AltitudeRx™ Just One Day Before You Travel To Reduce the Symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness.

You’re headed for a long-awaited vacation in the Rocky Mountains. You fly into Denver International Airport at 5,320 feet above sea level … you hop on a smaller jet that takes you right to the Aspen/Pitkin airfield at 7,815 feet …

And finally, you arrive by taxi at a spectacular alpine chalet in bright sunshine with azure-blue skies at 7,908 feet – just steps away from your room is a chairlift that can take you up to 11,200 feet.

You look all around you. The valleys are filled with fir and spruce trees. The peaks tower above you. The mountains beckon you to ski, or snowboard, or hike, or hunt, or fish – whatever you came to the mountains to do. As you settle into your room with a 180-degree view of the soaring ridge you plan to hike to tomorrow morning, you notice a slight pain just behind your eyes …

An hour later, you’ve got a throbbing headache …

A couple of hours later, your stomach is spinning, you feel short of breath, and all you can do is curl up in the fetal position and try to sleep …

The Secret Most Resorts Don’t Want You to Know Before You Get There… 

Altitude Sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness?

AMS as physicians call it – can wipe you out for 1-3 days when you travel to high elevation (8,000 feet or more) without giving your body time to adjust. Though less common, some people even end up with more serious high-altitude ailments that require immediate evacuation to lower altitude and a trip to the emergency room.

Experienced mountain climbers and alpine athletes spend days acclimatizing their bodies to the high altitude, and as much as six weeks for extreme altitudes. The most common practice is to go up high to train and then head back down again to sleep … climb high and sleep low.

But this practice just isn’t practical for the average traveler to the mountains. With our fast-paced lives, who has the time and extra money to spend a few days or weeks slowly working our way up into the mountains?

For most of us, the usual remedies of drinking lots of water and limiting physical activity still require a day or two of enduring unpleasant symptoms and lying around for a couple of days, hoping we feel better before our time in the mountains runs out.

The Time for Suffering Through Altitude Sickness Has Come to an End! 

A team of bioengineers who graduated from UC San Diego’s Department of Bioengineering (one of the top bioengineering programs in the world) developed a safe, all-natural remedy that reduces the symptoms of AMS.

Taken just one day before traveling from low-altitude to high altitude and throughout your initial stay in the mountains, this breakthrough nutritional supplement boosts the saturation of oxygen in your blood stream and maximizes your metabolism, so you feel as energized and healthy at high altitude as you do near sea level.

Too High. Too Fast?

Take just four capsules on the day before you head to high elevation. And continue to do so consistently during you’re stay in the mountains, and you will be able to:

Reduce the symptoms of Altitude Sickness
Be free to enjoy every moment of your trip to the mountains
Feel as energized and fit as the people who live year-round at altitude
Avoid wasting time feeling rotten in your room or tent on your first days in the mountains
Feel confident using this all-natural nutritional supplement that’s completely free of side effects
Gain an edge on some alpine athletes in competitions
Feel less anxious and stressed out (one of the lesser-known symptoms of AMS)
Greatly reduce the chance of ending up in the emergency room with altitude sickness
And prevent your precious vacation or business-travel time from getting wasted on being sick.

After all, who wants to start off their trip to the mountains feeling miserable?

The Real Story About Altitude-Sickness Supplements

There are a few other altitude-sickness supplements on the market, but most other supplement makers miss the boat – or more accurately … the plane, car, or train you’ll be taking to get to the mountains …

Most supplements that claim to be remedies for altitude sickness are sold in hotel gift stores or ski town drug stores … in the mountains. By the time you get to high elevation and start feeling the effects of altitude sickness, though, it is already too late for most supplements to help you. The time for supplements to be most effective is at least one daybefore you leave for the mountains!

Altitude Rx™’s patent-pending formula of all-natural ingredients takes a preventative approach to reducing AMS symptoms. By focusing our efforts on our online store instead of retail stores, we can get you what you need when need it – before you leave for your trip.

And here’s one more “secret” about the supplement industry that most supplement makers don’t want you to know about …

Nutritional supplements or Nutraceuticals have a much different screening process than pharmaceuticals. While pharmaceuticals must undergo rigorous testing procedures before they can be released to the public, nutraceuticals have a lower threshold of testing because they are made from natural ingredients that have been a safe part of the food stream for decades or even centuries.

So, supplement makers, like good cooks can simply experiment with this or that ingredient to come up with their products. And as long as the food they use is safe, so are their products. But are they really effective?

All of Biomedical Research Laboratories (BRL) products, however, are scientifically engineered using only the highest-quality natural ingredients available. And unlike typical supplement manufacturers, BRL only uses the ingredients that have been shown by science to work. In fact, BRL bioengineers apply the same high standards to their nutritional-supplement products that are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The result is top quality that is unparalleled in the supplements marketplace.

“If it hasn’t been shown by science to work, then we don’t put it in our products,” says a BRL spokesperson.

Read More About Our Research


One of the active ingredients in Altitude Rx™ promotes increased blood flow throughout the body and decreases blood viscosity … which offsets the negative effects of the low oxygen levels found at high altitude. Better blood flow at altitude delivers more oxygen to your brain … eliminating headaches … and more oxygen to your muscles … allowing you to ski all day without feeling weak. Read More

After all, who wants to start off their trip to the mountains feeling miserable?

“We read about the negative effects of high altitude on our troops in Afghanistan and started researching alternative remedies for altitude sickness.”

“Our research suggested that some of the ingredients we had prior experience with in our other products could actually help out our soldiers in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan.”

And that’s how AltitudeRx™ was born.

Biomedical Research Laboratories’ US-based manufacturing facilities are NSF® and NNFA™ certified and fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Quality control and testing procedures ensure the absolute purity, potency and freshness of every bottle. Read our FDA Disclosure

Like all BRL supplements, AltitudeRx™ is safe and legal – containing NO substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency or other athletic organizations. So, both professional and amateur skiers, snowboarders, and other athletes who compete at altitude can take AltitudeRx™ with absolute confidence that they are playing by the rules.

Fast Acting And Convenient

Since you only need to start taking AltitudeRx™ the day  before you travel to high elevation and since each order comes in a 120-capsule bottle, a little money goes a long way …

One bottle is enough to last all ski season … throughout hunting season … to help an entire basketball team get acclimatized … or for a whole family of four on a week-long trip.

The cost of lost vacation time to altitude sickness far outweighs the cost of AltitudeRx™. You can barely buy a ski lift ticket, a hunting license, an extra day of restaurant food, or half a cheap hotel room in a mountain-resort town for the price of one bottle of AltitudeRx™. And a trip to the emergency room with severe altitude sickness could easily run you about 100 times the price of this remarkable new product.

And what price tag can you put on an important business meeting gone wrong due to altitude sickness? There are hundreds of cities and towns in the continental U.S. at high elevation.

How much would you pay to keep from losing that million-dollar account to an off-day at high altitude? With AltitudeRx™, you’ll feel sharp and ready do business from the moment you arrive in the mountains.

Altitude illness is a tricky thing. Some people don’t even realize why they are feeling so bad. And other people are just genetically inclined to deal with altitude better than most of us.

Surprisingly – young, fit athletes with low resting heart-rates who think they can do anything on their first day in the mountains are just as likely to get altitude sickness as less-fit travelers. In fact, some believe those low resting heart rates actually prevent those athletes from getting enough oxygen at night when they are sleeping, according to one high-altitude, ski-resort doctor.

Even if you’ve been to high altitude before without becoming ill, a number of variables such as stress level, amount of sleep, and proper hydration can cause you to get altitude sickness on your next visit to the mountains.

Don’t Take Chances …

Try AltitudeRx™ RISK FREE

So, save yourself the headache of altitude sickness (literally) … don’t waste your precious time and money becoming ill at high elevation … and don’t take chances with your health … Take AltitudeRx™ instead!

We’ve even taken the risk out of trying something new. AltitudeRx™ comes with a hassle free, 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, just return the opened bottle for a full refund. Check out our Guarantee

Your next trip to the mountains will be coming up sooner than you expect. Don’t wait till the last minute. Get your order in today, so that AltitudeRx™ is on hand when you’re ready to go to the mountains. Remember, we’ll need up to 5 business days to ensure that we get your order to you on time, and you’ll need to take the first four capsules at least one day

BEFORE you leave for your trip.

After all, who wants to start off their trip to the mountains feeling miserable?


P.S. If you travel regularly between low and high elevation, and have the need for multiple bottles, check out our Buy-Two-Get-One-Free and our Thin-Air-Club-Monthly-Autoship program. Learn More.  Don’t let altitude sickness or elevation sickness ruin your trip.