But don’t believe us… listen to our customers!

“I want to let you know how much I like your product! I purchased your Altitude Rx after seeing an ad in one of my hunting magazines (if I remember correctly). I used it on an elk hunt in Wyoming this October. I spent 2 weeks between 8 and 11000 ft. I experienced only a very mild, dull head ache for the 1st two days. I worked my tail off up there under winter weather conditions packing up to 95 pounds in snow, etc. I felt great!! Over the last 10 years that I have been going to this location, I would experience a severe head ache by the 2nd night at those elevations and also be very lethargic. I would feel very sick, loose sleep do to the pain, and even feel a since of panic. None of these things happened while taking your product!!! I always train hard before these hunts but due to schedules and distances here in Southern California, I just never seem to be able to get up to our local mountains for elevation training ahead of the trips to Wyoming. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have discovered your product!!!Thank you.”

                                                 -David Fisher, OD 11/15/11

” I am a Cat 1 cyclist and my first high-altitude race this yeas was on the 4th of July at the Firecracker 50 in Breckenridge, CO. I used AltitudeRx and EnduraFuel energy drink and was happy with the combination. I had no altitude headaches or any other symptoms. I ended up in  2nd place in the Cat 1 30-34 age group.”

                                            -Matt Perry, Cat 1 Cyclist, CO, USA    

“I liked this product. I went to Cusco, Peru and Machu Pichu (9,000-11,000 feet) with four friends. I shared my supplements with one person. I had taken prescription medication along  just in case but never used it. Though Im not sure it helped my energy a lot, I did not feel any debilitating symptoms. I also drank coca tea. The friend who did not take the supplements (but drank tea) had a day of nausea and headache. My supplement-sharing friend and I felt pretty good every day. I would definitely take these on my next trip and skip the prescription drugs.”

Maria, California

“We love to hunt Elk in the high country of Colorado and with the cost of guides, hotels and travel your product saved us from the potential effects of high altitude. No one in our group got sick. It worked like a charm. There is nothing worse that being out in the middle of nowhere and getting sick.I also used your EnduraFuel energy drink in the field… increased my endurance and I had no trouble keeping up with the younger guys.”

                                                 -Chris, NC

Surfing the internet we found you before we headed out and got your product just in time to start taking it the day before like you said. We all took it and no one got sick. In fact, we were really able to hit the slopes right away. Last year one of our buddies had to go to the ER… so thanks.

                                                 -Mason Mitchell

“I just wanted to thank-you for a great product. My family used it and it works… no one had any problems and we were able to have a great first day on the slopes. I always have problems and even one year we had to see a physician. So again thanks!

                                                 -The Hawkins Family

“My business travel at times takes me to Denver and I use your product to help with jet lag and the effects of high altitude.With your product I feel fresh and ready to meet with my clients. Thanks for a great product that really delivers.

                                                 -Ryan, SC

I am an ultrarunner and the effects of altitude at some of my races takes a toll on my performance. Due to my schedule I dont have time to fly in early to acclimate. I found your product on the internet and Altitude Rx works.

                                                 -Steve, FL

Every year we head to the mountains to go skiing. It never fails that within hours I have a headache and feel so bad. This time I used your product and felt great. It works.

 -Debbie, AZ